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Abby Mudd

I live in San Francisco. I have tons of projects I start and don't finish. This is my attempt to change that!

About Me

Abby is a 25-year old who lives in San Francisco. She completed her undergraduate education in Political Science with a minor in Chinese (Though let's face it, her Chinese is terrible, 你好) at George Mason University which is in Northern Virginia. She has a bunch of random projects,--(though she's trying to change that). She's getting married on November 9th, at Fenway Park in Boston. Before moving to San Francisco, she worked at a substance abuse program for teenagers in Massachusetts. She also has worked as vintage clothing and jewerly, and antique appraiser. She also worked on numerous poltical campagins in college--and was very passionate about aganist concealed carry on campus.


People would trust her with the last living panda bear on earth!


Photos of San Francisco

A few months ago, I decided it would be fun to walk every street in San Francisco. This Google Maps project tracks my process. Travis also bought me a NikonD7000. I started taking photos with me as I traveled. You can check out my Google Maps project here

Around the World

I attempt to cook a meal from every country in the far it's going slowly

Cooking from
Every Country

This project was started alphabetically The goal of this project was to expand, my knowledge of the world as well as my work on my cooking skills. More about this on my cooking blogt



I am a huge fan of World of Warcraft, I also love buying and selling vintage. My goal is travel to every country in the world. And I like to blog about various topics

01. World of Warcraft Character Information

Using Blizzard's API, I was able to have an update picture of my main character, that uploads as my gear updates. It also shows my stats. I additionally share my very growing collection on in-game pets ollected by my hunter. See all of this here

02. Storefronts

I have a variety of stores: check me out on Vinted, Etsy, and eBay!

03. Amazon Wishlist + Cool Products

Want to buy me something? Or just see what kind of random products I've found on Amazon

04. Blog

Just a simple blog, where I talk about off-topic things unrelated to other projects of mine

05. Photobooths

Travis and I LOVE photobooths. I have created ANOTHER Google Maps project which shows the locations of all the Photobooths we know of. Most of these are in San Francisco.

06. New York Mets

I am a HUGE New York Mets fan. So much in fact, that I have registried I don't know what is going on it yet. But probably something goo, at some point.

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